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Branding Design


Salon OPA is a local hair salon located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The owner, Dora Hitchen, is a hardworking businesswoman who has been a hairdresser for over two decades. She has been my personal hair stylist since I was young and had

always given me the best possible style advice. 

Dora came to me in the spring of 2022 looking to rebrand and give her business a facelift. We had a conversation about what products she wanted me to redesign and what she was looking for. I was tasked with redesigning the logo, business cards, and outdoor sign for her business. 

BC_Mockup copy.jpg
Free Wall Sign Mockup copy.jpg

One big change that was made was taking the logo which was a color logo and making the elements black and white. This visually communicates classiness and elegance without being overbearing. It is a very clean look and is also easy to read. Ultimately the goal was to create a design that would be easy to change in the future if needed and that was achieved. Dora is very pleased with her products and I am very proud of my design choices. There has been talk of a website redesign as well and that is in the works. 

Don Titos.png

Don Tito's is a new restaurant that opened summer of 2022 in Dracut, Massachusettes. They serve authentic Mexican cuisine that will satisfy any craving, especially for tacos. A friend of mine works at this restaurant and his family worked with the owner to construct the restaurant. I was recruited to create two products for the business which included a document stamp and a t-shirt design. 

I started this process by taking the logo into Illustrator and converting all necessary files into vector files. I made sure to create black and white PNGs of the logo in case of future use. The most challenging part about this piece was having to accurately capture the original logo in an outline. There were many details in the original logo and recreating them in Illustrator was challenging. However, seeing the finished product was overall very rewarding. 


Melissa came to me and told me of her desire to turn her side hustle into a small business. She creates custom chocolate-covered strawberries for a variety of events and occasions. I was asked to create a logo, round stickers, and business cards. 

MSF_Business Card_Mockup.jpg

Initial sketches were made and we opted to go with a more colorful logo that would be eye-catching. Also, the logo was made round in order to have the duel use for social media and to be printed as round stickers for the boxes. The logo was created with Illustrator and the business cards were created with InDesign. 

Pic from her instagram_edited.jpg
TechSquare_Logo_Updated_Blue and Grey.png

Scott Blomquist of TechSquare Inc. emailed me with the request to redesign his logo for him. The company logo had not been touched in over a decade or more and while it was a classic it needed an update. Initially, we went in a different direction with the logo but ultimately came back to the concept of the original logo. The logo was created using Illustrator. This piece is still currently a work in progress. 

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